"M.A.R.S Racing Series Page"

The AMA-sanctioned Motorcycle Asphalt Racing Series (MARS) featured dirt track motorcycles on paved ovals in the late 90's. The racing style on the paved ovals was totally different, which brings more riders to the front of the pack than one might see at a dirt track race. The sight of both front and rear tires with smoke rolling off of them going into and out of the turns was really something to see! The late great North Carolina native Will Davis was a 5 time MARS champion!

There is both photos and video on this page so be sure scroll down to see all the neat stuff we have and are receiving on this unique form of motorcycle flat track racing.

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This is the 1st in what will be hours of video that we're receiving from the M.A.R.S Racing Series. This race took place in Myrtle Beach, SC in 1990 and was shot by Francis Miller who is the wife of North Carolina racer #15m Keith Miller. The video runs about 10 minutes and features some great footage of the late #21 Will Davis who went on to become the 5 time champion of the series.