"Bowman Gray Stadium Album"


From the Keith Miller Collection

Bowman Gray Stadium is the longest running NASCAR track in America. Located in Winston-Salem, NC it has run a weekly NASCAR prgram since 1949. The track held Sprint Cup (Winston Cup) races annually through 1971. In both 1971 and in 1974 the track added motorcycle races to the weekly auto program in an effort to boost attendance. The races (non-AMA) paid very well. In 1971 the races were held infrequently on an "instant" track. After the auto program concluded, heavy equipment would haul in red clay and build a 1/4 mile short track in about 45 minutes. Then the bike program would be held. In 1974 a weekly bike program was held on a purpose built permanent track on the inside of the NASCAR oval. The 1/5 track was sandstone and featured off-camber negative banked turns.weird! This weekly bike program drew well in terms of both spectators and riders but was only held during 1974. Bike racing left Bowman Gray Stadium after that year with the exception on one MARS race held there July 1991

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