"A Tribute to Marvin Wells"

- In the words of his friend Eddie Boomhower -

Marvin Wells grew up in the very house that he died in. He came to work for me as a young man and later moved to Portsmouth and worked at the Harley shop. When the Yamaha popularity hit he got a small building and took on the franchise. His business went nuts and eventually he had dealerships in all the local cities in Tidewater, VA. Marvin so loved motorcycle racing that he was his own enemy. A con man got a hold of him and cost him everything he had. At the time of his collapse he was sponsoring 29 race bikes. He would sponsor a blind kid with no legs if he just asked him.

He moved back to McKinney and managed to buy the house he was raised in. He was an excellent mechanic , painter and made a living painting cars and what ever else came along until the big ā€Cā€ caught him and he left us on New Years Day 2009. He was surely loved by all and will be sorely missed by everyone in the motorcycling community. 

Rest in Peace Marvin

(photos courtesy of Larry Whitfield and Eddie Boomhower)

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