"Cumberland Half Mile"

The Rock - Allegany County Fairgrounds got its start as the Cumberland Fairgrounds back on October 9, 1924. This long tract of land along the Potomac River known around the community as Fairgo, was transformed into a beautiful fairground resting beneath the towering cliffs of Knobley Mountain.

The facility started out as a fairgrounds and hosted horse racing during the two weeks of the Cumberland Fair. The horses gave way to USAC Sprint Cars, stock cars and motorcycles in 1966. This would be the first time that a sprint car sported a roll cage as one graced the Ken Brinn Sprinter. The ARCA series also made an appearance on that day and Tom Pistone won that event. One of the most recongnizable names ever to claim a win at the Cumberland Raceway is Mario Andretti

Allegany County purchsed the fairgrounds in May of 1986 with racing taking a break between 1982 and 1991. Racing took place during the day on Sunday afternoons from 1978 to 1982. Street Stocks, Modified Stocks, and Limited Late Models were the divisions of competition during this time. Pete Cameron, former promoter of the Potomac Speedway in Budds Creek, MD, won the final race in September 1982 when the track closed.

Special thanks to Ray Welsh for much of the information shared above

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