"A Tribute to National #94 George Roeder"

- In the words of his friend Eddie Boomhower -

"George was probably one of my dearest friends over a period of fifty years. He showed up in my store one Saturday morning and I asked him what in the world he was doing there. He said he had been drafted and was stationed at Ft Eustis, VA and that he had been in the HD shop in Newport News, VA. and saw a poster for a scrambles the next day so he came up to check it out. I asked him if he would like to ride the next day and he said he had nothing brought down yet. We all turned to and rigged him a bike to ride and later he asked if it would be all right to have his equipment sent to my shop so he could ride out of Richmond Harley Davidson. That started a real close relationship., he rode everything. Set a record that still stands today at Bonneville on a 250 cc pushrod Sprint. Won many nationals. Raised three racing sons and a daughter who became a highly ranked basketball player. Together he and Marshall Lamm with Carrol McCauley at the wheel hit every race in the country. I could write pages on the guy but just take my word for it, he was the one of the best. Also the only man in my motorcycle career that had a key to my store that didn’t work there."

George Roeder is also an honored member of  the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

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