"Richard Riley Album"

From the Fredericktown Yamaha Website

"It all started when Grandma Riley her son Richard Riley, that "So long as you live under this roof you will never have a motorcycle" or something to that effect. So, what does Richard do, he joins the NAVY, ends up in Spain and buys his first motorcycle, a Bultaco. Anyway, about ten years later, he and wife Sharon opened the doors of Fredericktown Yamaha. He and his 3 sons and lovely wife Sharon have been in the same location now for over 33 years and although the corner of Grove Rd and Rt 355 has changed our humble business has remained. Success can be measured in many ways but after 33 years we must be doing something right. "

I have known Richard G Riley for most of those 33 years and am proud to call him friend. When it comes to dirt track racing there are few current shop owners who have contributed as much personally and financially to the sport.  There are far too many riders to list on this page that at one time or another wore the Fredericktown Yamaha logo on their bikes and/or leathers. Currently Richard sponsors hotshoe Sammy Halbert.  http://www.sammyhalbert.com

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