Freddie Bennett Album

(bio in Freddie's own words)

My name is Freddie Bennett and I was born in Richmond, VA in 1953. I have lived in the Richmond area most of my life. My dad Fred SR has been a motorcyclist all his life and did some flat tracking in the early 60’s on a Yamaha 125 with the old box frame. He raced all over Virginia and Maryland. We also traveled with a guy named Jim Grainger who raced as a Novice in the early 60’s. Jim was a character to say the least. I remember one time he got some new leathers and I asked him about all the zippers on the legs and arms, Jim’s reply was “Yeah, I got zippers up my arms and zippers up my back zippers up my legs and zippers up my crack”. Jim sadly met his end in a single vehicle motorcycle accident in the mid sixties. Growing up around motorcycles it was only time be fore my brother and myself began racing in 1970. My first race was at Greene’s when the track first opened back when the short track was all there was. There was a small jump in the back stretch at that time. We ran there and also went racing dirt drags all over Virginia. I started on a Yamaha 125 twin 2 stroke. In the 1973 season I raced a 125 Rickman at tracks like, Greene’s, Portsmouth stadium, Charlotte CH, Elizabeth City N.C. Winchester, Terrapin Point, and Lancaster, VA. Late in the season I moved to a 360 Yamaha and ran a few races on that.

I remember a few battles at Greene’s and some other tracks with Al Hennen. What a great guy he was and a fierce competitor. I worked through the70’s and 80’s as a motorcycle mechanic with my friend NC for Marvin Wells. We tuned bikes for the likes of Brent Lowe, the Roper brothers, my buddy and traveling partner Chris Mitchell. Worked for Bob Norfleet and did some work on the Triumph that was campaigned by Jim Houston. Later built a mini class racer for Chris Copley that was one quick little dude. In the 80’s I was part of a road race endurance team owned by Leatha Jeffers we did very well even though I had young kids and never went to the track with the team. I did continue my dirt drags for a while in the eighties. I remember running a Yamaha Virago in the east coast championship in 1985 and won the 650 class. I had a photo of me going down the track and sent it to the virago owners club. I slid the bike a month latter and told the guy that bought it, “ I have never run this bike hard and always babied it”. He bought it and joined that club. Well the first newsletter he got had the picture on the cover of me dirt dragging the bike, LOL.

I no longer work on motorcycles turned to fixing Korean cars now. Still do some street riding on my baby Ninja. Attended both reunions and what a great time getting to see some of the people I hadn’t seen for years. Boy some of you are getting old.

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