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The above picture was taken on the front straightaway at Strawberry Hill ( Richmond State Fairgrounds) in 1962 or 63 who’s counting. From left to right. Captain Fuzzo #51 retired Captain from the US Air Force as jet pilot in Viet Nam, #53 is Marshall “ Earthquake” Lamm presently resides in North Carolina retired motorcycle, auto and real estate salesman. #35 Paul Lassiter, Richmond, Va. ( at the time was the only Expert ranked rider in the picture) retired from Reynolds Aluminum. #66d Jack Kiedrowski moved to Jacksonville Beach Fl. #43c is of John Wiley Richmond, Va. Now a retired refrigeration engineer from A.H. Robbins Pharmaceutical manufacturer in Richmond. You may not read about them in all the hero magazines but nobody ever had as much fun as these guys did. Oh yeah the guy in the white pants and jacket is the guy that paid the bills, Eddie Boomhower.