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"A Tribute to Billy Peters"

- In the words of his close friend Earl Taylor -

Billy was a lifelong resident of Parkesburg Pa. He lived with his parents, Shirley, and Bill and his two sisters Leslie, and Holly when he began racing. His family was a big part of his racing career with dad Bill serving as his mechanic. Billy bought his first racing bike from Denny Varnes, a 125 Yamaha and that’s where it all began. He moved into the expert ranks on a newer model 125 an AT-2 MX and later on moved up to the heavy weights on a 360 Yamaha. After moving to the pro circuit as Novice as most of the riders in that era I believe Bill rode a 360 Yamaha and from there moved up to a 750 Yamaha on the Junior and Expert ranks with some time spent roadracing. Bill received some sponsorship with Kauffman’s Yamaha of Christiana Pa.

Billy also came from a family of heavy equipment operator’s, his grandfather, Harry drove dump truck for a living and had a small topsoil business on the side.Billy’s dad was crane operator and use to operate a crane off of a barge in the Baltimore area. Billy soon bought his own dump truck and was a local owner operator.

Billy met his untimely death in an auto accident right around Thanksgiving, making the holiday even more meaningful for his family. Sadly too, Bill was engaged to a young lady and was to be married at the time of his passing.

I would like to thank the Peter’s family for their support of Billy through the years and their friendship that they have shown me still to this day.