Lee Abernathy Album (in his own words)

All of my life I have been a car nut / gear head. My big dream was to drive race cars, any race cars in any races. I dabbled in drag racing as it was reasonably affordable and readily available.

One day in 1969 on a whim I stopped into Pete's Cycle in Belair and saw the prettiest bike I had ever seen, a red CL350 Honda. 2 days and $950 later I was the proud owner of that beauty. Little did I know, the adventures that day, would lead to for the next 40 years and counting. Some where along the line in my many stops at Pete's some one told me that there was such a thing as motorcycle races in Elkton Md. First time I went there I was blown away. Here was racing that was affordable, fast, and it took big kahoonies. I was hooked.

For the next 10 years I got totally involved in every aspect of the District 7 racing. I was at some point, President of Eastern MC, President of the District, AMA Congressman, Flat Track Rep, Promoter. Referee, Columnist for Cycling East, and racer. I was fair to middling at best at the racing but no one had more fun than me at the track. That first 10 years of racing at the District 7 level led to meeting some of the finest people in the world.

The following pages will give you a glimpse into some of those great people, many of whom I am still very close friends with even though we are separated by many miles.

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