Edgewood Raceway was located in Edgewood, Maryland just North of Baltimore, Maryland. At one time it was the most famous motorcycle race track on the East Coast and in the USA. Riders from all over the country came to test their skills at Edgewood. The track was built and owned by the Stancill Family. Take a look at the names of the racers that rode this track and you'll fiind it an encyclopedia of racing greats, motorcycle industry leaders and just plain everyday folks who loved the sport of flat track racing. Sadly the track is now covered with apartment buildings but it's legacy will live on forever.

We'd like to give a special thanks to Bob Hicks who was gracious enough to supply us, through Tim Stancill the late track owners son, with these copies of pages featuring events at Edgewood Raceway that were covered in his magazine Cycle Sport. Bob Hicks career in organized motorcycling began in the late 1940s when he got involved in AMA Class C dirt track racing. He soon gave it up to get married, and did not return to until age 24, when he attended a scrambles race and was hooked. By 1959, scrambling was so popular in New England, conflict had begun to break out between the various organizing clubs, competing for dates on the overcrowded calendar. Thus began Hicks's career as an organizer when he and motorcycle dealer Dick Bettencourt created the New England Sports Committee. To communicate on behalf of the NESC, Hicks started a newsletter, and that turned into Cycle Sport Magazine. As a forum for regional interests, Cycle Sport often identified and spoke out about what New Englanders considered weakness and inefficiencies within the AMA. Thanks again Bob. 

(thanks also to Ed Youngblood's  www.Motohistory.net  for the bio on Bob Hicks)

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EdgeWood Raceway

Video clip of a late 1960's race at Edgewood Raceway