"Joe (Joey) Yanulevich Album"

 - About Joe in his own words -

My uncle rode street bikes and I learned to ride a 350 Honda street bike and a Suzuki X6 at 11 years old even though I was too small to pick the heavy bikes up if they fell around the woods and a makeshift circle track with a jump in the center. I read about a short track race in Cycle News and ended up being hooked. My uncle Pete then bought a 90 cc Suzuki and set it up for short track and enlisted a young rider named Lance Cherry to ride it. Man was I hooked every week while watching and finally at 13 convinced my mother to sign the consent form and allow me to race my new xr-75 honda at Brewers speedway. I raced the stock and modified minis then the old 90 Suzuki and finally got a Yamaha MX100 setup for flat track. Enjoyed racing at Johnston Co ,Wake County speedway Turnersburg and Midway speedway as well as Brewers with the likes of Future Grand National racers Robert Lewis,William Davis. I was very fortunate to have been able to meet lots of local racers in the pits at short tracks and half miles and bent their ears about racing setups tires ,gear setups etc. The 100 cc class was very competetive in those days. I usually had a top 4 finish if the bike was running.

I would like to thank John Denning who owned H-D of Raleigh for his financial racing support, Mr Cherry, Lance and Steven Cherry for their friendship. Can't forget to thank Terry Carroll from Yamaha of Raleigh for too many rides to the racetrack. Gerald Griffin from Honda of Raleigh for taking me to my first half mile. Floyd Fanjoy who promoted the Dorton Arena short tracks for allowing me and his sons to hang out in the pits. George Brewer for being such a great guy and having a safe track. Joe Barbee and Gabe Slatton at Cycle Works of Clinton who instead of building my engine showed me how to build my engines hands on. Scotty Flowers and his family for many nights spent at their home so we could practice at the Johnston County track. Kamal Monsour at Capital Cycle for my first job at a cycle shop. I made a fatal mistake in 1979 when a sat race was rained out and went to a concert with a neighbor and got hooked on the music business. I then went on to a career as a lighting technician and designer and production manager with various music groups.


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