Annie Mae and Eddie Boomhower are presented with "Very Special" award by Ruth and Joe Kelly at the 2009 Racer Reunion on January 31 in Richmond, Va.

Eddie Boomhower introduces AMA Hall of Fame Flat Tracker George Roeder at the 1999 Racer Reunion. Those who knew George will tell you that he was a man of few words but that night he had a few important ones that he had to say!

(the video/audio quality isn't the best so you'll need to turn up the volume)

AMA Hall of Fame Flat Tracker Bill Tuman speaks to the audience at the 2004 Eddie Boomhower Racer Reunion held in Richmond, Va, he is introduced by Eddie.

Bill Tuman was the last single-day winner of the AMA Grand National Championship, the result of his victory at the Springfield Mile in 1953. Tuman was part of Indian Motorcycle's famous racing team that was dubbed the "Indian Wrecking Crew", a group of top racers in the late 1940s and early '50s that included Bobby Hill, Ernie Beckman and Tuman.

While the quality of the video and audio is not going to win any awards it none the less is a piece of motorcycle flat track history straight from the legend that lived it.

A sampling of the beautiful vintage racing motorcycles that were displayed at the 2009 Racer Reunion held in Richmond, Va. Thanks to the owners for bringing them to the event!

(with sound track from the greatest motorcycle racing movie ever made, On Any Sunday)