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Here is one under the heading of nothing but just in case "You never heard of it?". Each town in Tidewater had a motorcycle polo team. They would line up and attack that huge ball and try to get it in the opponents goal, it was brutal!

The man that introduced me to Annie Mae was real good at it. He rode his Harley to Daytona in 1937 removed the headlight and saddlebags, ran and finished seventh. Put the stuff back on and rode home. He was built just about like me, all long and stringy and when he broke his leg in a polo match he was laid up for ever and grew to about 350 pounds. His name was Babe Parham and was loved by all. Worked for a long time for Marvin Wells as a salesman. When Bew Harley Davidson came to Portsmouth and cleaned out the old shop building we must have thrown out twenty polo ponies which were the old HD (mostly) singles and were really beat up. End of stupid history for the day. Eddie

As a follow up to Eddie's picture above featuring "Tidewater Motorcycle Polo", we found this video on YouTube showing a more modern version of "Motorcycle Motoball" which is quite popular in certain European countries. After researching the sport a little more we found that several European motorcycle makers actually made special models just for "Motorcycle Motoball". The German manufacturer Maico was one of them. Why there's even a Motoball USA website, check it out by clicking on this green text:  MotoBall USA

Maybe we could talk Bruce Green into promoting Motoball at his track. Anybody think SPEED Network would give it any airtime...NOT!



Eddie thought I was pullin' his leg when I told him about the guy who used to bring his pet cougar to the races, well here's the proof! Bet you Carolina racers thought it was cool when Bubba brought his pet opossum to the track...try and top this!

Imagine this scenerio: the cats owner is a racer and you knock his ass off going into a corner, then you come back to the pits and guess who's there to greet you..."Here kitty-kitty". Webmaster George

(if anyone knows the story on this "Siegfried & Roy" wannabe drop us a line)

Now I know what you're thinking, is this like a "Broke Back Bike Racers" thing or what? Well I'm gonna tell you the truth. My good buddy Donnie Smith (the one in the shower) and I would use every opportunity we had to develop our race strategies and that meant EVERY opportunity!

For me reading Cycle News was like drinking a good strong cup of coffee, I thought of it like it was "Natures Blasting Cap"!