"A Tribute to Bobby Warner" 1942 - 1989

- In the words of his friend Bill Heygster -

"Bobby Warner was a native Washingtonian, raised in the Southeast section of the city near Ft. Lincoln Park. He was without a doubt one of the most naturally gifted dirt track racers to come out of the Middle Atlantic states ever. He never aspired to be a professional racer. There is no way of knowing how many races Bobby won during his career but it would certainly be in the hundreds. He won several track, regional and AMA amateur championships along the way. He rarely kept track of such things and generally raced for the shear love of the sport. He always claimed that a #1 number plate was a lot of weight to carry. Bobby loved loose dirt tracks where he could broadslide his Triumph twin. Many pro riders marveled at Bobby's abilities. Most times when Bobby showed up everyone else raced for second. Beating him would be the highlight of another racers' season".

"He was a founding member of the Tobacco Trail Racing Team or as most racers knew it TT Cycle Race Team. Bobby Warner was an talented auto mechanic by trade and a master on Volkswagens. He loved Volkswagen microbuses. Around 1980 Bobby gave up turning wrenches and started a business as an independent tool supplier".

"In the autumn 1989 Bobby Warner was killed in an accident on the street. He was returning home on his Harley with his young daughter after feeding ducks at a local park. It had started to rain and an oncoming truck lost control and hit them head-on. She survived the accident but Bobby died at the scene".

"Bobby had many friends and admirers and when oldtimers gather to talk about the "great ones" Bobby will always be remembered".

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