As webmaster I wanted to recognize my hero, mentor, role model and personal friend. When I first started racing it became quickly evident that this was the man to beat. He had more tricks up his sleeves when it came to making a Bultaco go fast than Bill Clinton had cigars in the humidor on his desk in the oval office! Who can forget the orange painted cylinder on his Bul, or the 3 rolls of duct tape holding his orange leathers together, or those nasty cigars that he smoked. I seriously doubt anyone would ever call him a "Stylish Rider" because he truly had a style all his own, whatever you called it! But laugh if you will his results on the track speak much louder than his riding style and looks. The number of seasons that he finished in the Top 10 are sure to be a record in District 7.

I recently reconnected with the very much alive Howard and his lovely wife Sue who sent me the photos in this album. I'd like to share them with all of you who know and appreciate the "Old Fox" and remember what a warrior he was...and still is!

Here's to you Howard Chenowith!

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