Grass Fields Scrambles Track located in Deep Creek, VA in the mid 1050's. From the Eddie Boomhower Collection

A little history of Grass Fields

It was in the deep creek section of Norfolk County later to become the city of Chesapeake. It was located right on the fringes of the dismal swamp. The property belonged to a farmer who like bikes and said just go ahead and make yourself a track. So the Portsmouth Motorcycle Club spent a few weekend with shovels rakes and borrowed tractors scratching out a wide path that we chose to call a track. It probably measured out close to a half mile with all the bends, dips and holes but it was there and we could race. By the time it had reached its peak in the late fifties, you would have thought it was a national by todays standards.

All the factories were represented . Rod Coates came down from the Triumph corp in Towson, Md, The BSA factory people were there to support Tommy McDermott. Gerald Givens was a regular entry. I always managed to bring a crew down from Richmond. A lot of the riders went on to become AMA flat track riders, such as Paul Lassiter, Harold Burcham, Tommy Griggs, Bobby Horner, Tommy McDermott, Gerald Givens, and many more. Most of the races were 100 laps although I do recall one at 250, why I don’t know but it gave you all the racing you needed for one day. All for a little trophy about 3 inches high but it was the fun that kept us coming back.

Enjoy, Eddie

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