Vista Speedway

Landover, Maryland

Mark Bailey wrote us and shared his memories of Vista when as young boy he tagged along with his AMA Referee dad Bill and mom Evelyn who was the AMA score keeper. Mark writes, "I hung out with Royal Sherbert in the pits from time to time. He was a great guy. Kind and easy going. Greg (Edmonds) was all business. He did air brush a tee shirt for my dad with the Indian logo on it. Dad wore that shirt out. I can still here Dave ( the announcer) saying, "Open all gates, open all gates" between heat races or any time he thought the Crystal Ballroom needed to sell more Cold Duck in a half gallon ice cream container. Complete with straws for multiple people to share. My dad used to hate that. He didn't want to interrupt the race schedule for such things. I think mom liked it, as it gave her time to make up the heats, after time trials, or the finals. The rib sandwiches were SPICY! First and only time I ever saw rib sandwiches complete with bones. They were good. We got to wash the HOT down with a 6.5 oz coke. Sometimes that wasn't enough though and my lips were sore for a while. I hung out with Steve Silverman, Royal Sherbert, Mike Sponseller, and George Clikner. A lot of good racers went there. Don Twigg, Gary Nixon, even Gene Romero showed up there after a National. He looked at the track and left. I think Don Castro stayed and had a great time. One of the West Coast guys called it the Ascot of the East. Who knew! Imra Baka, Rod Pink,(nice KR) John Baranger? I think he was a school teacher raced there as well. I'd be remiss if I left out Bill Bloom. He was ALWAYS there and was a great guy. One of the first XR's in the area was his."

Greg Boucher dropped us a comment about Vista, he says: "and don't think you been in the Vista Ballroom.......... and there weren't no chicken was pork rib
sandwiches......ribs with the bones between 2 pieces of WHITE bread......"

Billy Lloyd also wrote us and remembered that "There used to be a sign inside the Crystal Ballroom that said "Come Wine and Dine at the Cabaret, New Vista Raceway"

These pictures were scanned at a very high resolution so the detail is excellent!

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