"The Barbara Fritchie Classic 2009"

Thanks to Mark Bailey for these great shots he took at this years running of the  Barbara Fritchie Classic 1/2 Mile Race in Frederick, MD.

Few things deserve the "classic" tag. One of them is the Barbara Fritchie Classic motorcycle race.  Like any bona fide classic, the Fritchie has stood the test of time. The 2009 Fritchie at The Great Frederick Fairgrounds was the 87th running of the event!

It's a Fourth of July tradition in Frederick. But when it started, the race wasn't even held on the Fourth. The Fritchie ran Memorial Day. And back then, it was called the Delphey Brothers Classic, promoted by J. Paul and Chester Delphey who became the Harley Davidson dealer in Frederick for many years.

Many Mid-Atlantic riders have won the Barbara Fritchie Classic including Bob Boutwell. In 1953, he became the first Fritchie winner to ride a Triumph bike. He ended up winning three straight Fritchie races -- a rare feat. Bob went on to open Boutwells Cycle Shops in Baltimore. His two sons Greg and Lynn became racers too.

Bob Boutwell was one of the many Mid-Atlantic riders who won main events at the Fritchie Classic. Brent Lowe of Wakefield, VA got the job done in 1976 Another was Cockeysville's Rodney Farris -- who died just before the 1995 Fritchie Classic from injuries he suffered in another race. 

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